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From New York to Redditch

If you watched our Tracey on the latest Hochanda show, then you may have noticed that she’s been reusing old canvases. Transforming them into unique works of art is easy with Powertex. Good quality canvases can be expensive to buy brand new. We’ve been frequenting the car boots and charity shops to collect used canvases for a fraction of the price.

The canvas used in this blog make is about a metre squared, and originally depicted the New York skyline in murky greys and dreary browns. I managed to get it for a whopping £1! The chap who was selling it said he was sad to part with it as it was such a lovely picture. I felt it best not to tell him that it was getting Powertexed at the nearest opportunity.
So, it came home with me to Redditch and within a couple of days the New York skyline was replaced with a cheerful folk art scene.

Powertex canvas art

How to

I used mostly Ivory and Blue Powertex in the background, moving it around the canvas with a palette knife. I made sure that the Powertex was thicker in some places. While it was still wet, I sprayed on some bister. I then held a hairdryer over the canvas and applied some heat to form cracks in the paint. The thicker the paint, the thicker the cracks which appear.
Once my base layer was dry, I used Powercolor pigments mixed with Easy varnish (burgundy, orange and light blue) to add a splash of colour.
I painted the trees using Black hardener, and the butterflies are just little wooden embellishments which I also painted in Black. Stick them onto the canvas with Powertex.

For the sun, Transparent hardener was used on some yellow yarn. I later dry brushed with gold Colortrix and red Powercolor. I also used Transparent hardener for the rays of the sun, mixed with some copper Colortrix to give the metallic effect.
Et voilá!

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If you would like to upcycle an old canvas with Powertex, contact a Powertex Tutor near you. You can find their details  and all the above supplies on Powertex UK.

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