Nature’s Calling – by Laura Allen

“She lost herself in the trees,
Among the ever changing leaves,
She wept beneath the wild sky
as stars told stories of ancient times.
The flowers grew towards her light,
The river called her name by night,
She could not live an ordinary life
with the mysteries of the universe
hidden in her eyes.”

~Christy Ann Martine

Such a beautiful poem, well done to the writer if she ever reads this blog. The imagery is so inspiring that I decided to use this for an Art challenge that I decided to run.

This Art challenge is between the Powertex UK tutors and distributors. Not heard of Powertex? No problem! Its an environmentally friendly, non toxic universal medium and fabric hardener used for sculptures, painting and much much more! (it almost never ends!)  Powertex UK have created a MASSIVE and ever expanding team of tutors and distributors all around the country! We are like one huge family and we even have our own facebook group to discuss Powertex between us… amongst other things!

I thought it would be a lovely idea to set up a monthly challenge with NO PRIZES and NO COMPETITION … for inspiration and exploration purposes only! and by god! the response has been amazing! Well done to all the tutors getting involved! I look forward to many many more amazing artworks throughout 2017!

Now… for some photos…

Aren’t they just absolutely fab!

Now these lovely people can teach YOU (..yes i’m talking about the person reading this blog) how to create artwork very much like this.

‘i’m not artsy at all’
‘I haven’t a creative bone in my body’
‘Ohhhh i couldnt do that! looks so difficult!’

Heard them all! In fact, I had a lady take the leap of faith and come to create her very own Fairy sculpture. She actually had the MOST SPECTACULAR idea and knew exactly what she wanted to do and even impressed herself! She walked away from the class feeling so proud of her work that she quickly booked on to a Fairy House workshop to compliment her garden fairy! (we do it all!)

If you want to learn more about Powertex please feel free to head over to

You can see fabulous artwork, a lovely blog and even find contact details for tutors in your area! Perfect!

Now… Thats January’s challenge over and done with… I wonder what Fabruary’s challenge will bring!

..Until then! Don’t do anything I wouldn’t….which isnt alot. ;P

We would love to hear from you!

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