How to create a simple canvas using the fabulous Tutankhamun Mould from

I love all things about Ancient Egypt so was thrilled when Powertex UK bought out the Tutankhamun mould. I have always been fascinated with pyramids and ancient symbolism.  This canvas is very easy to create but so effective.  

The canvas measured 20 x 20 centimetres. Magical numbers interest me too and I wanted this creation to mean something. The polystyrene bases from Pizzas are thin and easy to cut using scissors.  The 3 small pyramids measure 9 x 9 x 9 centimetres each.  I cut out some shapes of corrugated cardboard so I had a selection to choose from.  The wooden bits come with the canvas and are really handy embellishments. I decided later not to use the jute but like to have lots bits cut out ready before I begin.  2. I placed 2 pyramids on the canvas and drew a line.

I used Blue, Red and Ochre Powertex Hardener.

I also used Stone Art, Easy 3D Flex and some Sand and Balls. Not shown here, but I also used Brown Bister

which is a water based stain available from

I used a casting powder in the mould

Using my line as a guide I applied a coat of Red and Ochre Powertex Hardener

I am going to have to describe the next stage as it isn’t easy photographing and working on it at the same time.  I sprinkled some of the Stone Art  all over the wet canvas then using the palm of my hand pressed down all over so that a layer of it stuck. I brushed off the excess, added a few more blobs of Powertex then applied another sprinkling of the powder. This was again worked in and the excess removed.  I was aiming at an aged look so sprayed Brown Bister around the edges.

7. At this stage I was becoming really excited so placed some of cut outs on the canvas to see what it looked like.  As you will notice with the end result I changed my mind about the positioning. Next it was time to apply a border that looked like cracked stonework. 8. For this I used Easy 3d Flex mixed with the Ochre Powertex.  

9. For more of an aged look I sprayed a little more Brown Bister around the edges.  10.  Using the Ochre Powertex I stuck the bottom 2 pyramids down. These I had painted Brown.  10. For the top pyramid I used the Blue Powertex.  Whilst the Powertex was still wet I added some of the Sand and Balls.

I got so carried away with it, that I forgot to photograph adding the little bits of wood and the half moon at the top. I used a water based wet wipe to wipe away the Bister on the surface of the Easy 3d Flex and dry brushed over the surface with Ivory Powertex. Then came a touch of gold. You can use Gold Powertex Pigments for that or a gilding wax.

I really hope you have enjoyed this little project. Check out the Powertex website for your supplies and a certified tutor in your area.

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