Powertex is Seriously Addictive

My name is Michele and I am a Powertex addict, I admit it.

I have something of the ‘freshly converted’ about me. The slightly wild look in my eyes, inane grin and random splashes of ivory and bronze on my person, coupled with every other sentence beginning with “you could Powertex that” possibly indicate complete obsession!

Take this beautiful picture of the sea and lighthouse – did anyone else think ‘Powertex’ before seeing the actual picture?

I’m having trouble establishing boundaries. I simply cannot believe anyone wouldn’t fall hopelessly in love with Powertex once they’ve discovered it and if I notice so much as a whisker of interest twitching in my direction, I pounce. Here’s an example;

I recently visited a quaint little drinking village with a fishing problem and whilst sampling the local delights and casually discussing all things Powertex, my friend happed to mention that the lady who just walked in to the pub café was known locally as ‘Crafty Kim’.


I was immediately up, ears pricked, fully alert, nose twitching like a bloodhound when a tray of sausage rolls go by. “You mean craft as in ‘making’?” I asked, just to be sure.

“As in she has ‘Can’t Remember A Flippin’ Thing’ moments, so she makes stuff” my friend confirmed.

After sniggering at this acronym for a moment, I knew I had to meet her. Normally (and by normally I mean in my pre-Powertex life) I would ask to be introduced but I am no longer operating within the boundary of normal. I accosted the unsuspecting Crafty Kim by swooping down on her with all the inhibitions of a zealot and regaled her with photos, stories and incoherent, excited babble about Powertex.

This was not my first time accosting strangers and it began to dawn on me that I may have a problem so I sought counsel from our guru Tracey at Tex Towers who sagely confirmed that yes, she does it too, then countered with “but Garry is worse!”

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