Ghekko, gekko or geko?

This is how my ghekko started out, I simply used the square block to join the two parts.
I used yellow ochre Powertex as my glue for this job, well it is the best glue I know!
I turned it over, painted the whole thing with yellow ochre Powertex. I sprayed with blue bister and heated with a hairdryer until my fabulous crackles appeared. 
I used some of the MDF alphabet letters to give him a name, this became a point of discussion as to how it should be spelt and after ‘googling’ it I realised that it seems to be one of those words that has various spellings, I liked the version with the ‘H’, what do you think? 

Just to finish him off I fixed some twinkly flat backed crystals that I had left over 
from my jewellery making days onto his toes and in the centre of the letter ‘O’
I can’t wait to see yours! Tracey x

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