Love using Powertex

So my first official post of the year. Happy new year everyone.
To create this piece I had a large paper mache heart I have had hanging about in my shed. I have recently been playing with glue gun texture, so decided to try this out on a larger piece.
I painted the heart with yummy red Powertex and found some old tablecloth, which is the cross texture, you can see, I then used my new glue gun that Santa brought me and drizzled hot glue randomly around the heart shape.
I had a good old rummage in my stash of metal embellishments and added using the red Powertex as my adhesive, I then added the Love MDF piece and set about bringing this heart to life.
I next sprayed some black Bister over the embellishments to add depth and shadow to my piece.
Next, I did some dry brushing with my favourite Colortricx Rich Gold, to add highlights and make this little beauty pop and pop she did!

I added a gold-tone large hook so it can be hung up.

The photo below is a close up of the glue gun texture, it works so well with Powertex.
I have added some gloss varnish on the MDF heart to give extra pizzaz. Hope I’ve left you inspired I had a ton of fun creating this piece. Ta ta Jinny x

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