When crafting dreams come true…….

Our tutors at Powertex UK are made of strong stuff even when adversity rears it’s ugly head in sad circumstances! Here is another example of how a situation can be transitional in life and you guessed it Powertex is at the forefront . What a beautiful space Shell now has to hone her skills and share her talents and knowledge with her students.

Here is her story:
Well it dawned on me the other week, (actually I had a reminder through facebook) that a year has gone by since we left with a situation that we had a couple of weeks to build my art studio.  We had a workshop booked at a venue where the business had just gone into liquidation so our options were slim as we already had people booked in. We tried a few other venues but it wasn’t looking hopeful.
Now this studio build was supposed to be a leisurely ‘project’ build by my partner over a few months in the summer but now I had to ask if it was even remotely possible to build my dream in the time frame we had until the workshop date or should I cancel? To be honest I wasn’t hopeful at all but I’m not one who likes to cancel and let people down where I can help it, so I had to ask my man.
To my surprise he thought for a few moments and said confidently he would book the time off work and get started the next day, and so it began!
First he asked me how big and roped it out, drew up a plan, then we ordered parts. We had a few issues with orders and deliveries but piece by piece he worked hard to support me by trying to getting it done by the dead line. Not wanting to let me down, he was up at the crack of dawn and there until late each night. He wouldn’t let me lift a finger more than make him cups of tea and sandwiches.
The base, then the frame, supports and flooring were all coming together. The roof, weather-proofing,  insulation, cladding, door and 2nd hand windows before a rush to the finish with the insulation and plasterboard interior.
We were still loading the studio with stock and furniture up until well past midnight the night before the scheduled workshop the next day. But he did it, he pulled it off, we made the deadline!
The workshop went ahead, which I have huge amounts of gratitude to Trefor for his skills, support, time and effort he gave despite the pressure. It wasn’t perfect by far, it still needed a lot of work but it was water tight safe and useable. 
A year has gone so fast and there is still landscaping around the studio to be finished as well as the odd touch up. I wanted to upcycle and reuse 2nd hand furniture where I could, add stock and storage still with a place to make art so its taken time to get there.
But for a year now I have had this amazing space to create in, to relax in or escape in, its both a work in progress still but a blessing in disguise and yes I’m living my crafting studio dream as it came true! Find Shell at The Crafty Little Corner on her website or Facebook.
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