Powertex Fairy House Step by Step


Making your own Powertex fairy house wall hanging is as easy as ABC when you use the Powertex MDF project pack.

Here are my simple step by step instructions.  Feel free to use your imagination and come up with your own versions.

1.  Lay out your template and whatever embellishments you choose to decorate it with.

2.  Use black Powertex hardener to paint all the mdf pieces.  Then attach the roof to the main body of the house.  You can use Powertex to do this as it acts as a very strong glue.

3.  I had originally planned to use some textured wall paper for the body of the house, but as I was using corrugated cardboard for the roof, I decided to use this for the body of the house also, but added variety by turning it sideways.

Draw around the shapes you want to cover and cut them out of the cardboard (or textured material/paper of your choice.)  Then soak the this in the powertex and place it onto the mdf.

(I don’t know why, but I always imagine fairies living in quite ramshackle houses, so before soaking my cardboard, I tore off random pieces of the ridges to reveal the smoother underneath card, just to add a feeling of wear and tear.)  I also added some thin string in sort of hash tag shapes to give a slight patched up feeling to my house.

4.  Now place the embellishments where you want them to go.  For my design  I also soaked some pieces of thin material to add texture to the door, and added some little buttons just because I thought they looked cute.

5.  Allow the house time to dry off completely.  This process can be speeded up by using a hair dryer.

6.  Once it is dry, and the fabric feels hard to the touch you can dry brush your design.

Dry Brushing

7.  Dip a flat brush into a small amount of Powertex Easy Varnish.

8.  Now dip your brush into a small amount of Powertex Colour Pigment of your choice.

9.  Wipe the brush off on a piece of paper towel before sweeping it gently over your design.  The aim is to pick up the highlights of your texture, not cover the whole thing completely.  It is advisable to start off lightly and build up the depth of colour you are aiming for, as a little goes a long way.  You do not need to use a huge colour palette.  For this design I used Burgundy, Silver and a tiny bit of White

And there you have it.  A gorgeous little Powertex fairy dwelling that any of the little folk would be proud to live in.

Please note, the little sparkles are my own little resident fairies courtesy of the KiraDroid photo app.


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