Here Comes The Bride



As Prince Harry and Meghan prepare to walk down the aisle, here at Powertex we’re feeling pretty loved up as well.


This month I decided to use up a battered old canvas I had lying around to create a 3d picture of a fairy tale bride.

To do this, I used the back of the canvas.  Almost like a ready made box frame to work within.

I started off by mixing Ivory Powertex hardener with a very very small amount of Lead Powertex, hardener as I wanted to give a slight illusion of depth to my picture.  Once I had the shade I wanted I painted the entire canvas, and frame with this colour.

Once this was dry, I used wire covered with tin foil and masking tape to create an archway for my fairy tale bride to be walking through.  I adhered this into place and mixed some Powertex Stone Art with the remainder of my ivory and grey mixture to create some a clay to cover the arch with.  Once it was covered, I used a pallet knife to make some rough marks to indicate brick work.


To get the effect of  stone wall I then mixed up some Ivory hardener and Powertex Easy 3d Flex into a very wet clay and pretty much slapped it on the area between the archway and the frame.  I wanted this very rough and ready as my fairy tale bride is getting married in an old fairy tale castle.

As it was a very hot day, I then put this outside in the heat to allow the cracks I wanted to develop.  If you are not lucky enough to have a hot day then a good blast with  a hair dryer will work just as well. If you can it is best to leave Easy 3d Flex overnight to give the cracks a really good chance to develop.

Next I started to work on my bride.  I chose the Esther head available from Powertex UK  European selection as as I wanted my bride to be very delicate and pretty.

I used some tin foil and masking tape to make the shape of her bodice, making sure that I indicated where her arms would be also.  I then covered the top of her bodice with some gorgeous lace soaked in ivory powertex.

I wanted her dress to be flowing out of the picture, so used tin foil and masking tape to help create this effect, then put layers upon layers of lace.   I stuffed used rubber gloves up inside of the layers to help them stand out from each other.  I tend to keep most of my used rubber gloves for this purpose.  They work perfectly, and are easy to remove once you have got the effect you are after.

I was really pleased with the cracks in my Easy 3d Flex, however, when I looked closely I could see that some of the clay had moved away from my arch.  To disguise this I used some fabric flowers that I had picked up from a charity shop some time ago, and trailed them up the cracks.  I actually think this enhances the design.  I tend to find this with ‘mistakes’.  With a little imagination you can usually use them to your advantage.

I used some hessian to cover the wooden frame as their were ugly staples showing through.

I didn’t want much colour at all for this design, as I liked the simplicty of the colour scheme, so just used the new interference range to give a very slight hint of translucent colour on the Easy 3d Flex. Almost like the sun glistening on the stone.  I then drybrushed some clear gold colortrix to give a very subtle depth to the hessian frame.

I am really pleased with how she came out.  My fairy tale was pretty much all experimentation, but I love to experiment, and I love finding ways of turning mistakes around.   I hope that she truly will live happily ever after.

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