How I Came to be making a Powertex Sculpture in my local bank

I hope you are all enjoying reading our Powertex UK certified tutors success stories. Here is another by our design Team member Donna Mcghie. I hope you find this one an inspiring read as much as I did. Are you looking for a change of career? To find out how to become a certified tutor in your area send an email with a bit about yourself to
How I Came to be making a Powertex Sculpture in my local bank


A few years ago I was lucky enough to be accepted onto the Lloyds Bank Social EntrepreneurScheme.
With a background of working with mental health charities and inclusion work I have always used creativity as a way of engaging with people.  And I firmly believe that mental health wellbeing is important all for of us, even those who are lucky enough to  wake up every morning bright eyed and bushy tailed.  Each and every one of us (I think) can benefit from having a creative outlet of some sort or another.
The beauty of Powertex Workshops is their accessibility.  There really is a powertex workshop that is suitable for everyone.
This is a way of thinking that comes naturally to me, and because of that I feel very comfortable in my role as a Powertex Tutor.
What I’m not naturally comfortable with, is the role of business woman.
However, on the Lloyds Bank Social Entrepreneur Scheme, under the guidance of a wonderful mentor, my mindset began to change.  I learnt about business plans.  I learnt about money management.  I learnt about keeping accurate financial records.  All of which, as a ’creative person, I had shied away from before.
So it really tickled me when I was asked if I would consider sitting in the lobby of my local Lloyds bank to do one of my fabric sculptures and talk to people about the scheme.
Me?  The worst money management person in the world?  Talking with some sort of authority in a bank?  They were having a laugh, surely.
But one of the other things I learnt on the scheme, was to say yes to things.  So I did.  I said yes.  And that is how I ended up sitting in my local bank, creating an angel out of Powertex.
People were interested.  People stopped to chat.  People asked about Powertex, about my business, about the scheme. Someone even came up with a name for my angel.  Penny, what a perfect name for someone created in a bank. 
So the day was a success.  I was a success.  And that’s another important thing I have learnt.  Not to be scared of success.  Not to be shy of saying when something has worked out well.  Not to belittle what I have achieved so far.  These are the photos that were taken on the day. (I made sure to put lots of protective floor covering down, as I find it impossible to work without making a mess!)
So thanks to Powertex, and to the Lloyds Bank Social Entrepreneur Scheme, I am now saying yes to a lot more things.  As a result I have been interviewed more than once on local  radio staions, and am due to be being filmed for local media running a workshop.  Is it scary?  Umm, yes.  Really scary actually,  for a natural introvert like myself.  Would I recommend it?  Absolutely.  I’m learning that as long as I am myself when I’m interviewed, I can, and do, quite enjoy the process.
Positive affirmations are like marmite, you love them or loathe them.  I’m a fan as long as they are not too syrupy.  My favourite ever is ‘jump and the net will appear.’  Well I jumped.  It wasn’t quite a leap of faith, as thanks to the Lloyds Bank scheme, I have my business foundations well in place.  But it was still pretty daunting standing on that edge and plucking up the courage to go for it.  But I’m so glad I did.
And really, you can’t go far wrong with Powertex can you?  I’d love to know where Powertex has taken you.
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