What Has Powertex Got To Do With Mental Health?


What has Powertex got to do with mental health?
In light of Mental Health Awareness Day on 10thOctober this week, Artist and Creative Director at Powertex UK, Tracey Evans shares her take on crafting for mental health wellness.
Traceys artwork intrinsically links nature and the environment with mental health and wellbeing.  Whilst developing as an artist, Tracey further explored her interest in mental health and wellbeing by studying Neuro-linguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy with Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna. She went on to practice both NLP and hypnotherapy and it was during this period that she discovered the benefits of crafting for mental health. Powertex in particular can offer benefits to people at all levels and Tracey herself credits her sanity (along with many others!) directly to Powertex.
Tracey does not offer sessions as a private therapist; instead she chooses to teach aspiring crafters the art of Powertex and trains them to become Certified Tutors. For the first time, Tracey is opening her home-based studio to members of the public for one day workshops as part of the Powertex Portfolio Workshop series. See the website for more details.
It is within these classes that people discover the benefits for themselves, they are taken on a therapeutic journey with Tracey at the helm, guiding them on a voyage of artistic discovery and mental wellbeing that they are then excited to pass on to others.  A growing network of Powertex tutors can be found all over the UK, helping people to discover the wonderful world of Powertex with a huge variety of fun and interesting workshops. If you haven’t discovered Powertex yet, you are in for a real treat. It is not often that something totally unique comes along that immediately captures your imagination and inspires you to create without limits.
We at Powertex have seen many people sharing their stories about mental health issues, past and present, this week and we are all proud and grateful for the part that Powertex plays in the everyday lives of so many of us. We will continue to work hard to spread the message of mental health awareness, without shame or embarrassment, and in turn promote the benefits of art, crafting and creativity for wellbeing. 
And what could be better for helping to maintain your mental health than getting down and dirty with some Powertex?!


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