Halloween Candlestick Holders

Sam is back with us at the Powertex UK blog and has been kind enough to share another of her fantastic projects with us. Read on to be inspired. Do leave a comment at the bottom of the blog or share your makes with us over on Facebook in The Powertex Studio group or Powertex Addicts United page.
So here we are, all set up for another play.
I took a cardboard tube, the core of a kitchen roll, drew around the clay skull and roughly cut it out without squashing the tube.
I checked that the skull fitted in the hole, but I didn’t want it loose.
Using masking tape I created a shelf about an inch down from the tops of the tube.
I started covering them with black Powertex.
I covered the battery tea lights with cling film.
I covered both of the tubes in fabric and other embellishments. Once the fabric was on the taller tube, I pushed the skull into the hole.
Added more clay pieces, lace and wool.
Added the clay wings.
I painted everything in black Powertex and then set them outside to dry.
I brought them back inside and left them overnight to totally dry.
Once dry, I took out the tea lights which were still covered in cling film. The fabric where they’d been sat was still a bit wet, so I left them out to let the fabric fully dry.
Once totally dry, I dry brushed them with silver and turned on the tea lights.
And these are the opposite sides, ie the back.
Had loads of fun making these and love how they’ve come out.

17 thoughts on “Halloween Candlestick Holders

  1. Second attempt to leave a comment. Hope it works! This is a fascinating step by step Sam, a lesson in itself. I have found it really helpful, reminding me of the process steps for using powertex. Sadly, mine is still unused!! This has helped to inspire me to have a session and play with my stash. Not skulls though lol. I have really enjoyed seeing each step of the journey for these Halloween candles. I bet they look great lit up outside! Brilliant, inspiring post!

  2. Go for it Di, they are so easy but so much fun and are fab when they are finished. You could even change them to Christmas ones by using different colours and different embellishments xx

  3. Thanks Chris. I hope you do crack open your Powertex soon. You can always change the colour and use Christmas embellies and have them on the table for Christmas. Use a white or red battery tea light instead of black. The possibilities are endless xxx

  4. Wow Sam, these are spookilicious! I love the way you always give such clear, concise step-by-step instructions of your projects. Makes even me feel like I could achieve something, lol! You have definitely inspired me to begin my Powertex journey! xx

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