Powertex Fairy House Step by Step


Making your own Powertex fairy house wall hanging is as easy as ABC when you use the Powertex MDF project pack.

Here are my simple step by step instructions.  Feel free to use your imagination and come up with your own versions.

1.  Lay out your template and whatever embellishments you choose to decorate it with.

2.  Use black Powertex hardener to paint all the mdf pieces.  Then attach the roof to the main body of the house.  You can use Powertex to do this as it acts as a very strong glue.

3.  I had originally planned to use some textured wall paper for the body of the house, but as I was using corrugated cardboard for the roof, I decided to use this for the body of the house also, but added variety by turning it sideways.

Draw around the shapes you want to cover and cut them out of the cardboard (or textured material/paper of your choice.)  Then soak the this in the powertex and place it onto the mdf.

(I don’t know why, but I always imagine fairies living in quite ramshackle houses, so before soaking my cardboard, I tore off random pieces of the ridges to reveal the smoother underneath card, just to add a feeling of wear and tear.)  I also added some thin string in sort of hash tag shapes to give a slight patched up feeling to my house.

4.  Now place the embellishments where you want them to go.  For my design  I also soaked some pieces of thin material to add texture to the door, and added some little buttons just because I thought they looked cute.

5.  Allow the house time to dry off completely.  This process can be speeded up by using a hair dryer.

6.  Once it is dry, and the fabric feels hard to the touch you can dry brush your design.

Dry Brushing

7.  Dip a flat brush into a small amount of Powertex Easy Varnish.

8.  Now dip your brush into a small amount of Powertex Colour Pigment of your choice.

9.  Wipe the brush off on a piece of paper towel before sweeping it gently over your design.  The aim is to pick up the highlights of your texture, not cover the whole thing completely.  It is advisable to start off lightly and build up the depth of colour you are aiming for, as a little goes a long way.  You do not need to use a huge colour palette.  For this design I used Burgundy, Silver and a tiny bit of White

And there you have it.  A gorgeous little Powertex fairy dwelling that any of the little folk would be proud to live in.

Please note, the little sparkles are my own little resident fairies courtesy of the KiraDroid photo app.


Fairy house delights by Anna

One of the projects I completed when demonstrating at the Powertex UK stand at the NEC hobbyshow in November was the new Fairy house which has now been put into a project pack for February. Just for you!

I had a lot of fun creating this piece I used the black Powertex on the base, one of my go to favourite colours in the Powertex range. On the lower part of the piece I used a mix of sandballs and Powertex. Then added on the door, toadstools and windows. Added some extra detail with the mdf dropouts and cobwebs.
On the roof I used the natural paper decoration, by cutting it into little pieces and layering it to give it a tiled 3d effect. I used some of the Powertex UK embellishments in between the natural paper decoration. I also added one of the new Raven mdf shapes.
I then dry brushed with powercolours burgundy, turquoise and yellow ochre. And used the new interference colours to give a little shimmer effect to the roof. If you’re looking for a magical project this month you need to get your hands on this one while stocks last. Toodles Anna xXx

Who Lives in a Powertex House Like This?

How to make your own Fairy House using the Powertex MDF Fairy House Kit 



If you go down to the woods today
You could spy some fairies who’ve come out to play
They live in this house that is hidden by trees
So if you should see them step quietly please
They’re ever so naughty, but also quite shy
So watch for a moment, and then walk on by

The first step in creating my Fairy House was to set out a very basic design from which to work from.

I made the decision right from the start, that the fairies who live here are rather mischievious, the kind of fairies who would rather be out having fun, than at home keeping things neat and tidy.
So I deliberately mixed things up a bit.
I put my door at a slightly wonky angle.  And made sure that my lace curtains looked a bit tattered and grubby.
The base colour of the house is done in black powertex.  I knew that I was going to be putting the curtains underneath the circular windows, so I painted those first and set them aside to dry.

I chose to add the words ‘I dream’ from the Vincent Van Gogh stencil quotes available from the Powertex Uk website.  I like to  think that Mr Van Gogh would approve of  slightly messy fairies borrowing a few of his dreams.

I mixed up some Powertex Easy Structure together with a small amount of 3D Sand and scraped over my chosen words with a pallet knife.  (Top Tip – clean this off immediately afterwards or you will end up with a messy stencil like my one!)

I  added lots of gorgeous mixed media charms and flowers from one of the packs available from Powertex UK.  Alongside as these I also added a few of my own spider embellishments from my magpie’s treasure trove of costume jewellery picked up from various charity shops on my travels.

 These are nice spiders though, and on very good terms with the resident fairies.

I wanted the roof to look kind of thatched and ramshackle so initially I tore off a flower from a Powertex UK rice paper, and adhered this on using powertex varnish.  I then used some natural paperdec torn into strands and soaked in transparent powertex to give the appearance of thatching.



To give a magical shimmer to the whole thing, the colours I used were the interference powder colours mixed with the varnish.  These look almost pale white when they are in their tubs, but when mixed with the varnish turn into the most luminous pearly colours.  Beautiful.
The lace curtains, once messed up a bit, were also soaked in transparent powertex before putting them in their place, with the windows placed on top.  I then used a small brush to add some yellow and orange powercolor to give the effect of a cozy glow inside the house.


The final touches were some gem stones on the mushrooms, and some dried moss I had soaked in transparent powertex to give a real deep in the woods effect.
If you look very carefully, you might just spy a few fairies on the footage below


Why not have a go yourself?

You can see more of my work on http://www.facebook.com/artmuralsbydonnamcghie or my website http://www.artandmurals.co.uk