In the Beginning

How did I get here?

Like many of you, I’m not sure whether I found Powertex or Powertex found me, either way I am happily splashing around in my new-found pool of Powertex love.

If I try to document my journey to Powertex too closely, I never reach the same conclusion but here’s a potted version, for those of you that are interested (spoiler alert – don’t get too excited).

Allow me to introduce myself first: my name is Michèle and I am the Office Manager at Tex Towers.

In 1994 I herded some geese towards a talking pig on the set of Tales of the Black Horse, an episode in a series of Lloyd Bank adverts that (apparently) had the nation gripped at the time. It was the first step in a career that has ultimately ended up far away from banking, filming and talking pigs but nonetheless has led me through many interesting and varied adventures both in the UK and abroad.

I am a saddler; I can make saddles and harness and bridles (and all sorts of other things) out of leather but I don’t tend to work so much with leather any more, I simply fell out of love with it and I’m a firm believer in loving what you do. I’m also a mother, friend, sister, aunt, cousin, daughter, niece and lover and thankfully adore being all those things.

I love horses, and children, and skiing and the mountains and winter and Christmas and books. They’re probably my favourite things but there are many more, too many to list or rank or even mention. I am easily bored but quick to make my own fun. I love to laugh; people who make me laugh are my favourite people in the world. I cry easily; I once cried when I cut a green pepper in half and there were little baby peppers inside, I cried because they’d never get to live their peppery lives (Powertex-Claire says that’s weird but I think it’s hormones!) and I made the mistake of telling people so now friends send me pictures of peppers cut in half.

So how did I find Powertex? At the beginning of the year, a very old and dear friend sent me a Gratitude Journal, which led me on a path of learning about the Law of Attraction and I began to make alterations to my life which have all had a positive and uplifting effect. Have you heard of The Magic? It’s a book by Rhonda Byrne and is said to reveal life-changing knowledge about the power of gratitude. Since becoming more consciously grateful, I have made better, stronger and more wholesome choices. One of those decisions brought me to Powertex and I haven’t looked back since!