Wedding Day Wish Box


Hello there
I used the Frame kit available at Kirsties Handmade Fair, Ragley Hall to create a Wedding Day Wish Box for the happy couple.  Simply write your wish or words of wisdom onto the paper heart, tear off and place in the box for the happy couple to read later.
I opted for Ivory Powertex and a variety of lace pieces to create this special gift.  I hope you enjoy this project and feel free to alter it as you go,  that’s the fun of being creative.


I started by using a recycled cardboard box that was the same size as the frame.  I coated this with 2 layers of Powertex to firm it up.  I also coated the frame with a layer of Powertex.

Once dry I placed the frame onto the box and drew around the inside of the heart (push out the heart shape if it is still attached to the base) and then cut that out with a craft knife.

Then I painted the inside of the box at the back that was now exposed.  I also painted the back of the frame and repainted the front of the box and stuck the two together.

I used various pieces of lace to create a patchwork effect on the box.

All lace needs to be coated with Powertex so that is is covered but not dripping.

Firstly,  I took a piece of lace and used the heart as a template.  I cut this out so that the lace fit snugly around the opening.  Coat this in Powertex and place around the opening making sure you press it firmly onto the box.

I then worked my way around the box with all the different laces, laying them in different directions to create interest.

The lace heart I cut out in the earlier step was placed inside the box and the edge of the cut out was covered with a thinner lace ribbon.

Once this was all covered I set it aside.

I took some lace ribbon, dipped it into the Powertex and squeezed out the excess, I then wrapped this to create flowers.  In each corner I used a small piece of gauze that had been dipped in Powertex to sit the flowers into.

Now allow this all to dry thoroughly.

There are lots of videos on YouTube if you’re not sure how to make these.

I have coloured these here so you can see them more easily

For the notepad holder, I used the back of the frame and coated one side with Powertex.  I then placed this onto the back of the wallpaper and allowed it to dry.

Using sharp scissors I cut around the edges, painted the back with Powertex,  then using lace ribbon I added a pretty border.



For the notepad itself, I used the heart on some thick paper and drew around it making sure I marked the holes.

I cut out the sheets and used a hole punch to make the holes, then threaded ribbon through to hold the together.

I painted the mdf heart burst embellishment and the mdf heart and layered them up ready to tie onto the ribbon as a paperweight.

If you wanted to you could drill holes through the notepad holder and tie the paper onto this to make it totally secure.

For the photograph, I used a laser copy as these don’t smudge.

I worked out where I wanted the heart to sit on the photograph and marked the back of the paper accordingly.

I painted a thin layer of Powertex onto the back of the paper and another layer onto the heart then placed them together.  I turned them over and smoothed out the picture to ensure there are no air bubbles or creases.  Make sure your hands are clean or better still put a piece of kitchen roll on top to protect the picture.

I left this to dry before cutting away the excess with sharp scissors.

I painted the back of the heart with Powertex then added a delicate edge by using lace ribbon dipped in Powertex.

I attached it to the box using a cushion of gauze dipped in Powertex.

I coated the key plate with several layers of Powertex and printed off “wedding day wishes”  but you could hand write this.  I used Powertex to stick the edges to the back of the key plate and then onto the box.
I dry brushed the piece with a combination of burgundy and rich gold however you could match the colours to the wedding party colours for that personal touch.
I hope you’ve enjoyed this project and it has inspired you to have a go.  Don’t forget to post your makes on the Powertex Studio Facebook page as we love to see what you’ve created.
Until next time Happy Creative Adventures


Powertex Fairy House Step by Step


Making your own Powertex fairy house wall hanging is as easy as ABC when you use the Powertex MDF project pack.

Here are my simple step by step instructions.  Feel free to use your imagination and come up with your own versions.

1.  Lay out your template and whatever embellishments you choose to decorate it with.

2.  Use black Powertex hardener to paint all the mdf pieces.  Then attach the roof to the main body of the house.  You can use Powertex to do this as it acts as a very strong glue.

3.  I had originally planned to use some textured wall paper for the body of the house, but as I was using corrugated cardboard for the roof, I decided to use this for the body of the house also, but added variety by turning it sideways.

Draw around the shapes you want to cover and cut them out of the cardboard (or textured material/paper of your choice.)  Then soak the this in the powertex and place it onto the mdf.

(I don’t know why, but I always imagine fairies living in quite ramshackle houses, so before soaking my cardboard, I tore off random pieces of the ridges to reveal the smoother underneath card, just to add a feeling of wear and tear.)  I also added some thin string in sort of hash tag shapes to give a slight patched up feeling to my house.

4.  Now place the embellishments where you want them to go.  For my design  I also soaked some pieces of thin material to add texture to the door, and added some little buttons just because I thought they looked cute.

5.  Allow the house time to dry off completely.  This process can be speeded up by using a hair dryer.

6.  Once it is dry, and the fabric feels hard to the touch you can dry brush your design.

Dry Brushing

7.  Dip a flat brush into a small amount of Powertex Easy Varnish.

8.  Now dip your brush into a small amount of Powertex Colour Pigment of your choice.

9.  Wipe the brush off on a piece of paper towel before sweeping it gently over your design.  The aim is to pick up the highlights of your texture, not cover the whole thing completely.  It is advisable to start off lightly and build up the depth of colour you are aiming for, as a little goes a long way.  You do not need to use a huge colour palette.  For this design I used Burgundy, Silver and a tiny bit of White

And there you have it.  A gorgeous little Powertex fairy dwelling that any of the little folk would be proud to live in.

Please note, the little sparkles are my own little resident fairies courtesy of the KiraDroid photo app.


Step by Step Powertex Owl

How about making this gorgeous Powertex Owl as a wall hanging.  He will watch over you wisely, and is a real hoot to make:

You will need:

1 x Powertex MDF Owl Kit
Bronze Powertex Hardener
Strips of natural material (Powertex does not like synthetic material)
1 x Button
Corrugated Cardboard
Lace Cut Offs
Powertex Colour Pigments 
Powertex Easy Varnish
1 x flat brush
Whatever you want to use for eyes – (I used a glass cabochon eye, and a false eyelash from one of the bargain beauty shops).

Here is what you need to do:

1.  Paint all your MDF pieces with the Bronze Powertex
2.  Cut a shape for the tummy area out of corrugated cardboard, and soak it in the hardener.
3.  Soak strips of material in the hardener, and scrunch them up to cover the remaining area of your MDF template, including the wings.

4.  Soak the large button in powertex, and place it where you want the beak to go.  Once in place, stick the mdf beak on top.  (The powertex will act as a glue).  Now place the circular shapes where you want the eyes to be.  (For my owl I also added two tiny strips of fabric to act as arms for his glasses.  I also soaked my false eyelash at this stage and put it in place. Although the eye is also in this photo, I did not add this until right at the end.

5.  I added little mdf butterflies on each ear as I thought this looked cute.
6.  On the branch, I added string soaked in Powertex to give the appearance of wood.
7.  Finally, add his little feet on top of the branch, and if you want to soak some lace cut off pieces in Powertex and place on his tummy area.
8.  Allow the whole thing to dry off thoroughly, so that the material feels hard when you put your hand on it.
9.  Once dry, use Powertex colour pigments of your choice to dry brush*.  I used Rich Gold, Bronze Gold and Silver.  There is no need to use too many colours, as sometimes less can be more with a colour scheme.
10. Last but not least, put a tiny amount of Powertex onto the back of the glass eye, and put it in place.

What a handsome chap he is!!

*  To dry brush simply put a small amount of Powertex Easy Varnish onto a flat brush.  Dip this into the colour pigment of your choosing. (You will not need much pigment at all, it is far better to start off lightly and build up if you wish to).  Now, wipe the brush off on a piece of paper towel so that it is not very wet at all, and gently skim the brush, keeping it as flat as possible, over the textures in your design.  The idea is to simply pick out the highlights, not paint into every nook and cranny.

And that is it.  Simples. Use your imagination to come up with variations on the design, and if you wish to then we would love to see a photo over on the Powertex Studio Facebook page.


Sassy Seahorse’s day at the beach

Hello there
Welcome to my Sassy Seahorse project, getting her ready for her day at the beach.
For this project I used the Seahorse project pack available at Kirsties handmade fair at Ragley Hall with Black Powertex and a child’s old skirt.
Don’t forget to cover your work surface with plastic, wear an apron and gloves.


Start off by joining the two halves of the seahorse together with the rectangle of mdf and at the same time add the hanger.  Use a layer of any Powertex to do this. Allow this to dry.

Place a layer of Powertex onto the front of the seahorse and place the wallpaper directly onto this.  Don’t worry if you have to piece isn’t big enough to cover in one go, piece it together as once it is all coated in Powertex it will not be noticeable.



Once dry cut around the shape and then coat the wallpaper with a layer of Powertex.

Now take your chosen fabric and dip it into the Powertex, I pour mine into an old plastic container a little at a time.  Dip your fabric and work the Powertex through it making sure it is completely covered but not dripping.

Then place it onto the seahorse wherever you decided,

I used the pretty edging as a bikini skirt and the ties from the waist as the bikini top.  Any fabric buttons or metal ties can also be used to add more interest to your design.


Next I took the mdf embellishments and coated them in Powertex

I layered up the two heart bursts with one of the flowers to make an eye.

The paper flowers became her headdress.

Three fabric buttons from the skirt had mdf flowers placed on top of them to make her necklace

The final flower became her belly tattoo.


Now set aside to dry, if you can’t wait you can always use a hairdryer to speed up the process.  I used my gloves to prop up the skirt so that it dried in a wave shape.  Powertex doesn’t stick to plastic so its great to use to help form shapes as you simply pull it out once the piece has dried
Finally, I used the easy varnish along with turquoise, burgundy, white and rich gold to dry brush the colour into the piece.
To dry brush, place a 5p sized amount of varnish onto your plastic work surface,  dip your brush into the varnish then straight into the pigment (work from the pot as the varnish does not contaminate it).  Now mix to a thick paste on a clean area of your work surface.  Take a piece of kitchen roll and wipe off the excess colour, then holding the brush flat to your work brush across the raise areas.
To add a more opaque covering hold the brush loosely at the end and dust across the area.  The more times you go across the deeper the colour will be.
Don’t be afraid to mix your pigments together to create different shades and effects, the combinations are limitless.
If you want to place this outside, make sure that you coat the back and sides with Powertex to complete seal the mdf then allow it to dry in the house for three weeks.
Well Sassy is ready for her day at the beach and she hopes your sea horses will be along to join her.  Don’t forget to post your makes on the Powertex Studio Facebook page, we love to see what you create.
Until next time Happy Creative Adventures