Shinning star for November

This months shining star award at Powertex Uk went to a tutor who has been working hard at her social media and producing some really wonderful videos of work to inspire and which included some really wonderful variety of workshops too.
Without further a do, well done to Wendy Reed.
  I am certified Powertex UK Tutor, I have covered Fabric Sculpting and Stone Art techniques. I offer workshops, classes, demonstrations and Poweretex Parties at my workshop in Craftsite, Cramlington Northumberland or in your own homes / craft group premises.

I think you will agree our tutors do a fabulous job of bringing fantastic workshops and ideas to inspire us! Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas. Toodles Anna xXx

Octobers shiniest star

Our shiniest star of the month for October went to tutor Jill Cullum. Social media can be a massive challenge at times. It takes a lot to learn and discover the techniques to reach people. Jill made a fabulous start this month with her Instagram and the hq team felt she deserved the recognition for this.
Jill Cullum is a Certified Level 3 Tutor who offers fun and friendly workshops in the Grimsby/Cleethorpes/Scunthorpe area including villages inbetween. Jill has crafted for many years in various crafts and is now pleased to offer workshops using Powertex.
Jill is very busy out and about teaching various workshops in her area under her business Purple Meadow Art & crafts. She also manages to fit in the odd fair here and there too, displaying her beautiful works of art and sharing the wonders of Powertex. 
A variety of workshops Jill teaches include funky fish.
Mixed media Mirrors.
And these adorable little gnomes.
Here are a few more works of art from Jill. I think the little dog has got to be one of my favourites. If you fancy trying your hand at a workshop, visit our website Powertex UK for tutors in your area. 
Toodles Anna xXx

The twinkliest of toes for September went to….

Did the month of September just fly by for anyone else? It was lovely to see someone with a little extra twinkle to their toes. Septembers shining star was Abigail Lagden of Curiously contrary. My she has been a busy lady and she bagged herself a fab two week residency at the Durham Dales centre to boot! Fantastic result Abigail.
It truly does prove that hard work pays off. I think she did a pretty incredible job of making a very plain space pop with all her beautiful creations don’t you? 

Abigail describes her journey so far:
It makes me smile to create something new and beautiful and if it also makes someone else smile, then I feel like I have made the world a happier place.
I run a variety of fabric sculpting and mixed media workshops which allow participants to discover their creativity and complete beautiful projects. 
 Abigail’s thoughts on her residency: 
It gave me the space and time to be creative away from my kitchen table and the distractions of home. I met lots of lovely people who popped in to see what I was doing and I got to talk about my work and the processes involved. It also made me think about where I want to be in the future and what I need to be doing to get there. The two weeks have left me ready for a little rest but also empowered, motivated and inspired to keep going on my artistic journey.

Some of the wonderful works of art created by Abigail on her residency. 

And what a journey this magical Powertex leads us on. Abigail is a lady after my own heart I love her style and the beautiful colours she uses on her works of art. Love Abigail’s work too? Click the link to her Facebook and give her a follow, you know you want to

Abigail is fully certified to teach you in all aspects of Powertex including Fabric Sculpting, Stone Art techniques, Mixed Media Painting and Easy 3D Flex for Darlington (DL Postcode areas). You can find details of all the tutors across the uk at Powertex UK. Toodle pip Anna xXx

Augusts Star of the month for our tutors goes to……….

Every month a Powertex UK tutor who has added an extra bit of sparkle to their step receives a reward. August’s star of the month award was very special as it went to Patricia and David Williams. And we are about to show you why with their story…..
 We were left in anticipation for the build-up which was quite frankly the worst tease, but it was definitely worth the wait. Come on you guys let us know what’s under the blue tarp!

And then we were all blown away after 2 months of hard work and weeks of teasing. We were introduced to the ‘Bride of the Forest’ .
Patricia said ‘She was created for The Brinklow Scarecrow Festival this weekend to promote the wonderful uses of Powertex. We will be having a stand on the village green as well as our bride on the Scarecrow Trail’.

She was treated with Powertex and painted using Powertex colours. Cher our mannequin was procured with the help of our Team leader and mentor Annette Smyth. The cheeky Pixie peeping out from her dress was made by Dave. The Shy Boy (Thomas Oliver) I made from clothes worn by our grandsons. Robyn and Rose the cute little bears are wearing our Granddaughters first Babygro’s. All other things came from our crafty Stash.

I think you will agree that the prize was well deserved after all the hard work that Patricia and Dave put in. Well done guys she is absolutely stunning! What a fantastic project and more proof of the versatility of the Powertex the universal medium we love! 

Dave and his wife Patricia are Level One Certified Tutors for CV21-CV23. And they produce some stunning work as you can see.You can find details of all Powertex tutors across the uk at Powertex UK Toodle pip Anna xXx