Love using Powertex

So my first official post of the year. Happy new year everyone.
To create this piece I had a large paper mache heart I have had hanging about in my shed. I have recently been playing with glue gun texture, so decided to try this out on a larger piece.
I painted the heart with yummy red Powertex and found some old tablecloth, which is the cross texture, you can see, I then used my new glue gun that Santa brought me and drizzled hot glue randomly around the heart shape.
I had a good old rummage in my stash of metal embellishments and added using the red Powertex as my adhesive, I then added the Love MDF piece and set about bringing this heart to life.
I next sprayed some black Bister over the embellishments to add depth and shadow to my piece.
Next, I did some dry brushing with my favourite Colortricx Rich Gold, to add highlights and make this little beauty pop and pop she did!

I added a gold-tone large hook so it can be hung up.

The photo below is a close up of the glue gun texture, it works so well with Powertex.
I have added some gloss varnish on the MDF heart to give extra pizzaz. Hope I’ve left you inspired I had a ton of fun creating this piece. Ta ta Jinny x

My Powertex Valentine

Marion – My Romantic Powertex Sculpture

With Valentine’s day fast approaching, I will  hold my hands up now and admit to being an unapologetic romantic.

But true love requires working at.  It doesn’t just happen.  Likewise, creating meaningful art doesn’t just happen.
I’m not talking about sticking rigidly to a plan.  Because, like all the best love affairs, I believe art takes on a life of it’s own, when given the freedom to expand in the direction it feels it needs to go in.
I always encourage people who come on my Powertex workshops to have an idea in mind, but to be fully prepared to go with the flow when they feel the need to do so.
Take my Powertex sculpture pictured here – who I have ended up calling Marion, after the trapeze artist in the romantic film Wings of Desire.


Marion started off life with the intention of being called Lady Grey.  She was originally quite plain, and rather saintly looking believe it or not.

However, somewhere along the line she morphed into more of a Black Swan type being.  Still romantic, but much sadder and more complex.


I find this happens when I am working with Powertex.  Sculptures evolve as I work.  Maybe something of what I am feeling channels itself into them.

Then this morning, as I finished her off, she changed once again.  Into a fun loving, romantic theatrical affair.  Hence finishing off as Marion.


I’m pleased I allowed her to evolve as she did.  I like the sense of adventure and glamour I get when I look at her.  Yes, the Marion stage was definitely the right one to stop at.
How I created Marion:
I used a bust I got from a charity shop – along with paper flowers and a top from the same shop.
I covered everything with with lead powertex hardener.
I then created the wings separately using wire covered with tin foil and masking tape
I attached the wings to the back of the bust, and covered them with Powertex paperdec and lead powertex
Once this was dry I went over them with Powercotton and some feathers also soaked in lead powertex to add even more texture
I covered the bust and the bodice with Powertex stone art using a mixture of grey and white powertex hardener to add some interest
At this point she started to morph into the Black Swan as I sprayed the bodice and wings with red and black bister
Deciding this wasn’t quite right, I then added more colour to the bodice, using powertex powercolor pigments of bordeaux red and terragreen.

I added silver colour to the wings before adding using white colour to highlight the whole sculpture and add to the grainy effect I was aiming for.

You can find me on facebook at Arts & Murals by Donna Mcghie  here to keep up to date with my work. See you again soon. Donna x


I will "Owlways" love you – a Valentines project

Hello there everyone
I hope you had a very Happy Christmas and that this New Year brings you everything you need.

To start you off on your 2018 creative adventures here is a little Valentines step by step project using the Powertex UK Owl kit and a few extras.  Have fun and don’t forget to post your makes on our Facebook page – Powertex Addicts United.  We would love to see what you create.

It is best to read through the instructions then layout what you are going to use where before your start.

I started with the Powertex Owl kit, some packaging (including a paper filled jiffy bag) that I had collected over Christmas, a needle, thread and a piece of Powertex UK rice paper.


I started by painting the main owl figure, the wings and four pieces from the dropouts pack in Powertex Bronze on both sides.  I attached the dropout pieces one on top of another so that I had two raised pieces which will be used to support the wings slightly above the body so make sure you choose appropriate sized pieces. Attach these in place using the bronze Powertex but do not attach the wing yet.

Using the paper packaging, coat it with the bronze Powertex by dipping it in and then making sure all excess is squeezed out before placing it on the body of the owl, give it a little push to hold it in place. Using the same method, cover the wings and the beak.
Using the eye circle from the owl kit draw around it several times on the backing paper in the kit.  Cut these out and attach them together and then onto the circle using the Powertex.  Once dry you can use scissors to tidy the edges if needed.  Place the eye from the embellishment pack into the centre of the circle and attach it using the Powertex.  Place this to one side to dry.

For the other eye I used pieces from the drop out pack to create a winking eye with eyelashes.  These are all coated with Powertex then placed together and left to dry

Take some of the paper filling from the jiffy bag and mix it with some bronze Powertex to form a very thick paste, use this to cover the branch.  Then using the remaining embellishments from the Owl pack coat them in bronze Powertex and sit them into this thick paste.  At this time place the Owl’s feet as well.

Using the remaining packing paper from the owl kit, draw a heart several times and cut it out.  Coat these with Powertex and stick them together, take several short pieces of lace (you will need the longest piece in the next stage) and dip them into the Powertex then use it to cover the front of the heart. Let this dry naturally (drying with a hairdryer can cause the paper to ripple).

Once dry take the longer piece of lace from the kit and run a very loose running stitch through the edge, dip the lace into the Powertex and work through to ensure it is covered.  Make sure you leave the loose end of thread out of the liquid.

Now gently pull the thread to cause the lace to start bunching,  stick this side onto edge of the heart using the end of a pencil or paintbrush to help push it into position.  Cut off any excess lace and the thread. I then coated the large metal owl in Powertex and using some of the jiffy bag paste we made earlier I attached the owl to the heart and then the key to the owl.

Now attach the eye, winking eye, beak, wings and heart to the owl using the jiffy bag paste.  Try the wings in different positions and go with what you like best.  I decided to have the wings holding the heart – as this raised the heart a little I used a large button, from the embellishment pot, covered in Powertex to support it underneath but you could use more of the drop out pieces.

Now leave everything to dry thoroughly before moving onto the dry brushing.

Once dry I dry brushed the owl using the pigments in the kit and Easy Varnish.

To dry brush, place a 5p size of varnish onto a plastic plate, dip your brush vertically into the varnish then straight into the pigment, (don’t worry it won’t contaminate the pigment), now mix to a thick paste on a clean part of your plate.  If it is too thin dip back into the pigment and mix again.  If it is too thick dip back into the varnish puddle then mix again.

Now wipe off all excess colour on a piece of kitchen towel before going anywhere near your owl.

If this is your first time at dry brushing wipe off lots as it is easier to add more colour than to take it away.

Now you can either hold your brush flat like a drumstick and gently sweep over the owl.  This will add colour to the raised areas only or you can hold the brush loosely on the end and flick over the owl.  This will give you a more concentrated colour and will go into some of the crevices.

The pigment mixture will dry very quickly so you will need to repeat this process until you get the colouring you like.


How you colour your owl really is personal choice but don’t be scared to mix the pigments together on your plate to create new colours as this really helps the whole piece blend together.  You’ll be surprised how many shades you can get by mixing the pigments in the kit.

Once you have finished your dry brushing attach the rice paper to the back of the owl using the varnish.

I misted the sheet with water then tore off pieces and attached them randomly.  This gives it a nice finish and gives you a place to write that little love note!!


And look what I still have left to create more projects and have even more adventures.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this project, until next time……..

Happy Creative Adventures and don’t forget to show us your creations.