Frame it with Love

We have some really great challenges on the Powertex Design Team and here’s another back to basics one from me using the May Wedding Theme Project Kit.  I have to say I love the challenge of working with minimum materials and as you will find out, this one really did challenge me!
As I always do, first I unpack the kit and play around until I get a good idea of what I want my finished piece to be.  I’m clearly heavily into the beautiful bluebells at the moment, well it is spring at last in the UK and our woodlands and hedgerows are full of them.

This is the layout I came up with originally and I used every part of the kit.

As you can see from the finished piece I did make a few composition changes and as I hinted at, there was a stage when it didn’t appeal to me…read on!

I started with the back.  Using Ivory Powertex I joined the three spacers and the back of the aperture.  I also gave a nice coating of Powertex over the entire back.

I also added on the hanging pieces. Now unlike me, think about this before you add them!  There is a spacer bar that you snap off the bottom of the hanger, this means you can completely hide the hanger, which I didn’t do.  My excuse was it was the hottest May Bank Holiday for 50 years!!!
Once it was on, there was no getting it off so it is what it is!  Leave it to dry before turning your attention to the front.

I used the textured paper to form the background of my composition, I also added a very small length of leftover lace from my stash to create a bit of interest in the heart aperture and also on the top right of the frame

I coated the base generously with Powertex, then added the various embelishments a layer at a time.  Each time coating them well with Powertex.

When everything was in place I checked all over adding Powertex where I felt it needed it.

This is how it looked once I finished this stage….
After leaving the piece overnight to dry (you can speed it up using a hairdryer) I started to colour using Powertex Easy Varnish with Ultramarine and White Powercolour from the Powercolor Pigment Tray. I built up the colours using the dry brushing technique until it looked like this….
….oh boy I hated it so much I was ready to bin it!!!!
But Stop! Wait! This is Powertex you can change it completely with a bit of patience!
So after gathering my composure, drinking a nice cuppa and cooling off , I got out the Ivory Powertex and took it right back to this stage
But now I had a better plan. So this time I used just Ivory Powertex and Powercolor Ultramarine Blue.  I carefully mixed a little Powertex into about half a tsp of Ultramarine pigment adding more Powertex until I had the colour I wanted.  Starting from the bottom I painted the Powertex mixture onto the bottom third of the frame, I then added more Ivory Powertex to the blue that was on my pallette and painted the middle section, I added more to the pallette and painted the top third.
Now it looked like this and I was happy at last!
I walked away and left it to dry.  Later I added a further layer of blue pigment with Easy Coat Varnish to the bottom before adding a pop of Easy Varnish with Bronze Gold to highlight some of the top layer which added a nice bit of dimension.
Here is the finished piece
I hope you like it and if you ever get to the “I hate it” stage with your Powertex piece, you now have a bit of an idea of bringing out the otherside.
Happy ‘texing!
Fi xx


Here Comes The Bride



As Prince Harry and Meghan prepare to walk down the aisle, here at Powertex we’re feeling pretty loved up as well.


This month I decided to use up a battered old canvas I had lying around to create a 3d picture of a fairy tale bride.

To do this, I used the back of the canvas.  Almost like a ready made box frame to work within.

I started off by mixing Ivory Powertex hardener with a very very small amount of Lead Powertex, hardener as I wanted to give a slight illusion of depth to my picture.  Once I had the shade I wanted I painted the entire canvas, and frame with this colour.

Once this was dry, I used wire covered with tin foil and masking tape to create an archway for my fairy tale bride to be walking through.  I adhered this into place and mixed some Powertex Stone Art with the remainder of my ivory and grey mixture to create some a clay to cover the arch with.  Once it was covered, I used a pallet knife to make some rough marks to indicate brick work.


To get the effect of  stone wall I then mixed up some Ivory hardener and Powertex Easy 3d Flex into a very wet clay and pretty much slapped it on the area between the archway and the frame.  I wanted this very rough and ready as my fairy tale bride is getting married in an old fairy tale castle.

As it was a very hot day, I then put this outside in the heat to allow the cracks I wanted to develop.  If you are not lucky enough to have a hot day then a good blast with  a hair dryer will work just as well. If you can it is best to leave Easy 3d Flex overnight to give the cracks a really good chance to develop.

Next I started to work on my bride.  I chose the Esther head available from Powertex UK  European selection as as I wanted my bride to be very delicate and pretty.

I used some tin foil and masking tape to make the shape of her bodice, making sure that I indicated where her arms would be also.  I then covered the top of her bodice with some gorgeous lace soaked in ivory powertex.

I wanted her dress to be flowing out of the picture, so used tin foil and masking tape to help create this effect, then put layers upon layers of lace.   I stuffed used rubber gloves up inside of the layers to help them stand out from each other.  I tend to keep most of my used rubber gloves for this purpose.  They work perfectly, and are easy to remove once you have got the effect you are after.

I was really pleased with the cracks in my Easy 3d Flex, however, when I looked closely I could see that some of the clay had moved away from my arch.  To disguise this I used some fabric flowers that I had picked up from a charity shop some time ago, and trailed them up the cracks.  I actually think this enhances the design.  I tend to find this with ‘mistakes’.  With a little imagination you can usually use them to your advantage.

I used some hessian to cover the wooden frame as their were ugly staples showing through.

I didn’t want much colour at all for this design, as I liked the simplicty of the colour scheme, so just used the new interference range to give a very slight hint of translucent colour on the Easy 3d Flex. Almost like the sun glistening on the stone.  I then drybrushed some clear gold colortrix to give a very subtle depth to the hessian frame.

I am really pleased with how she came out.  My fairy tale was pretty much all experimentation, but I love to experiment, and I love finding ways of turning mistakes around.   I hope that she truly will live happily ever after.

You can see more of my work on my facebook page or my website  

Also, don’t forget, here at Powertex we love to see your makes so please do post them on The Powertex Studio Facebook Page.


Wedding Day Wish Box


Hello there
I used the Frame kit available at Kirsties Handmade Fair, Ragley Hall to create a Wedding Day Wish Box for the happy couple.  Simply write your wish or words of wisdom onto the paper heart, tear off and place in the box for the happy couple to read later.
I opted for Ivory Powertex and a variety of lace pieces to create this special gift.  I hope you enjoy this project and feel free to alter it as you go,  that’s the fun of being creative.


I started by using a recycled cardboard box that was the same size as the frame.  I coated this with 2 layers of Powertex to firm it up.  I also coated the frame with a layer of Powertex.

Once dry I placed the frame onto the box and drew around the inside of the heart (push out the heart shape if it is still attached to the base) and then cut that out with a craft knife.

Then I painted the inside of the box at the back that was now exposed.  I also painted the back of the frame and repainted the front of the box and stuck the two together.

I used various pieces of lace to create a patchwork effect on the box.

All lace needs to be coated with Powertex so that is is covered but not dripping.

Firstly,  I took a piece of lace and used the heart as a template.  I cut this out so that the lace fit snugly around the opening.  Coat this in Powertex and place around the opening making sure you press it firmly onto the box.

I then worked my way around the box with all the different laces, laying them in different directions to create interest.

The lace heart I cut out in the earlier step was placed inside the box and the edge of the cut out was covered with a thinner lace ribbon.

Once this was all covered I set it aside.

I took some lace ribbon, dipped it into the Powertex and squeezed out the excess, I then wrapped this to create flowers.  In each corner I used a small piece of gauze that had been dipped in Powertex to sit the flowers into.

Now allow this all to dry thoroughly.

There are lots of videos on YouTube if you’re not sure how to make these.

I have coloured these here so you can see them more easily

For the notepad holder, I used the back of the frame and coated one side with Powertex.  I then placed this onto the back of the wallpaper and allowed it to dry.

Using sharp scissors I cut around the edges, painted the back with Powertex,  then using lace ribbon I added a pretty border.



For the notepad itself, I used the heart on some thick paper and drew around it making sure I marked the holes.

I cut out the sheets and used a hole punch to make the holes, then threaded ribbon through to hold the together.

I painted the mdf heart burst embellishment and the mdf heart and layered them up ready to tie onto the ribbon as a paperweight.

If you wanted to you could drill holes through the notepad holder and tie the paper onto this to make it totally secure.

For the photograph, I used a laser copy as these don’t smudge.

I worked out where I wanted the heart to sit on the photograph and marked the back of the paper accordingly.

I painted a thin layer of Powertex onto the back of the paper and another layer onto the heart then placed them together.  I turned them over and smoothed out the picture to ensure there are no air bubbles or creases.  Make sure your hands are clean or better still put a piece of kitchen roll on top to protect the picture.

I left this to dry before cutting away the excess with sharp scissors.

I painted the back of the heart with Powertex then added a delicate edge by using lace ribbon dipped in Powertex.

I attached it to the box using a cushion of gauze dipped in Powertex.

I coated the key plate with several layers of Powertex and printed off “wedding day wishes”  but you could hand write this.  I used Powertex to stick the edges to the back of the key plate and then onto the box.
I dry brushed the piece with a combination of burgundy and rich gold however you could match the colours to the wedding party colours for that personal touch.
I hope you’ve enjoyed this project and it has inspired you to have a go.  Don’t forget to post your makes on the Powertex Studio Facebook page as we love to see what you’ve created.
Until next time Happy Creative Adventures